do people still blog? - a year in review

, 1.07.2014

the year of 2013
We packed up our stuff into a u-haul and left our house in Colorado in the hands of some really friendly renters. I learned that you don't realize how much you hate your stuff until you have to load it and drive it yourself across the country.

I interviewed for and then accepted a real job somehow! We settled into the routine of day-in-day-out. We learned that marriage after grad school involves copious amounts of netflix binging on evenings and weekends.

I got in the habit of running more, and began to run between my office and the train, racking up about 3.5-4 miles everyday. I balanced this out with eating a shit ton of cookies because my mormonism taught me that there should be opposition in all things. My mormonism also taught no swearing but I don't think it's doctrinal.

Sam's birthday! I made cake. He ordered himself presents that he wanted from Amazon.

We drove to Montreal where the rain is romantic, the French is Canadian, and the drivers are polite. Also maple syrup.

Liz convinced a music camp director to let me teach with her so we hung out for a week together in Washington state. It was fun pretending to be a real musician!

Dad visited for Father's Day, June 2013

July in DC is terrible so I mostly blocked this month out of my memory. I do remember that I met my fiddle hero Kevin Burke. He is very nice. I think we may have attempted to participate in the Fourth of July festivities.
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We lasted exactly one hour in DC on the 4th. Not even my carefully chosen summer outfit could help us. July, 2013.

We hopped in the car and went to North Carolina to visit some lovely, lovely people who have great taste in restaurants among other things. I have been dreaming about the black-bean bennie I ate ever since.

I'm pretty sure nothing happened in September.
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Rehoboth Beach. Sam is frolicking in the waves. September 2013

The government shut down. I had to spend two weeks on the couch watching Doctor Who. It was awful. I also took a weekend trip to hang out with family in Utah because my sister and her family only visit the continental united states every 150 years like Brigadoon so I couldn't miss it.
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Chillin with girls little and big, Utah, October 2013; Andrew and Heir, and Liz and me in Portland, ME, October 2013.

We went to NYC and saw a Broadway show (Cinderella, very nice), I did a conference in Atlanta, and then we hopped on a plane to Utah to visit all the family members there. It was also my birthday, so we spent a day in Park City and remembered mountains and snow and ate whatever we wanted. Then we drove to all the family members and hugged and kissed and ate orange rolls.
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New York City, Nov. 2013
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We spent a week on a staycation - visiting DC, baking bread and other holiday stuffs, and spending time with nice people.

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DC, December 2013

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Wonderful year in review! I'm glad you still blog at least once a year!

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